A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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Technical Support & FAQ

If there are any problems, please check first in our Wiki whether your question cannot be answered with the information available there. Our Community in the STEAM forum will be happy to help you with your problem.

I get an error #408 when trying to login.
If you get stuck at the water surface when logging into the game, it might be possible that the game hasn't been started for a while and the server has to catch up on a lot of calculations. This can sometimes take some time, but the operation times out after 20 seconds. It may be that the amount time isn't enough for the calculations to finish and you might get an error #408. In that case try to login again and again until all the calculations are done and you can dive under again.
If you should stay above the water surface even after a long time and several attempts, you can select the option “Delete Clientside Saved Data” in the settings menu. After restarting the game, you should be able to dive back into the world of AQUARYOUNS.

I have registered in AQUARYOUNS World, but have not received a welcome email.
It can happen that certain mail providers classify our mails as spam and therefore end up in the corresponding folder. So you should check whether the mail is in the spam or junk mail folder. It can also happen that our mail server was temporarily unavailable. In this case you can request a new email at the following address:
If you still do not receive a confirmation email, please contact using the email address you used to register in AQUARYOUNS World.

With technical problems the comparison of your system with our → System Requirements often helps.

For problems within the game we have made the → BRS available. With this system we can answer your question faster and more comprehensively. That is why it is the first choice to contact us.

If your problem could not be solved, we are of course at the following email address:

In order to be able to help you as quickly and comprehensively as possible, make sure that your email contains all information about your problem and your system.

We will never ask for your login, password or email account. To identify the game account and to troubleshoot, we use only the e- Email address from which the email request was sent.

Emails with attachments are generally neither opened nor read nor answered. Please never send us unsolicited attachments .