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A big thank you to all supporters!

Be it with a steam review, a comment, a purchase in our in-game shop or simply with a → donation:
You make it possible for us to work on the vision of AQUARYOUNS every day!

Here all donors with a donation sum of 5 euros (first name, from 10 euros first and last name) are listed in reverse order. If you do not wish to be named, note this as a short comment during the donation process.

22.03.2020 Erik Pawelke
05.03.2020 Mark Skopczynski
01.04.2019 Thorsten Butkereit (Crowdfunding Campaign)
25.03.2019 Janine Konopatzki (Crowdfunding Campaign)
25.03.2019 Stephan Neuthe (Crowdfunding Campaign)
25.03.2019 Yatto Leung (Crowdfunding Campaign)
23.03.2019 Nora Neuthe (Crowdfunding Campaign)
23.03.2019 Julian Nieschler (Crowdfunding Campaign)
22.03.2019 Martin Oestreich (Crowdfunding Campaign)
21.03.2019 Maximilian Specht (Crowdfunding Campaign)
20.03.2019 Marcus Berndt (Crowdfunding Campaign)
20.03.2019 Jan Häcker (Crowdfunding Campaign)
19.03.2019 Tobias Schmid (Crowdfunding Campaign)
18.03.2019 Leonardo Tamburrini (Crowdfunding Campaign)
18.03.2019 Zoltan Totpal (Crowdfunding Campaign)
17.03.2019 Matteo Morando (Crowdfunding Campaign)
17.03.2019 Familie Voigt (Crowdfunding Campaign)
17.03.2019 Adrian Peters (Crowdfunding Campaign)
17.03.2019 Alexander Ihl (Crowdfunding Campaign)
17.03.2019 Jack Szypura (Crowdfunding Campaign)
16.03.2019 S. Enter (Crowdfunding Campaign)
16.03.2019 Tobias Flodman (Crowdfunding Campaign)
16.03.2019 Milan Kollár (Crowdfunding Campaign)
16.03.2019 Olaf Oertelt (Crowdfunding Campaign)
16.03.2019 Benito Weber (Crowdfunding Campaign)
16.03.2019 Dominik Duttmann (Crowdfunding Campaign)
16.03.2019 Daniel Nattkemper (Crowdfunding Campaign)
15.03.2019 Christoph Pooch (Crowdfunding Campaign)
15.03.2019 Mathias Reinke (Crowdfunding Campaign)
15.03.2019 Ilja Gutt (Crowdfunding Campaign)
15.03.2019 Sebastian Saul (Crowdfunding Campaign)
15.03.2019 Jörg Demel (Crowdfunding Campaign)
15.03.2019 Klaus Winkler (Crowdfunding Campaign)
15.03.2019 Sebastian Berger (Crowdfunding Campaign)
15.03.2019 Bianca Nülken (Crowdfunding Campaign)
15.03.2019 Heiko Jahn (Crowdfunding Campaign)
14.03.2019 Ruben Saluz
13.03.2019 & 15.03.2019 Torsten Strelow
24.02.2019 & 16.03.2019 Robert Rittwag
11.02.2019 Mario Grummt
09.02.2019 Thomas
09.02.2019 Jens Haase
09.02.2019 Melanie Geyer
09.02.2019 Dominik Duttmann
09.02.2019 & 16.03.2019 Alexander Bachert
09.02.2019 Pascal
09.02.2019 Lukas
09.02.2019 Janosch
09.02.2019 Bender
08.02.2019 Philipp
08.02.2019 Johannes
08.02.2019 & 24.03.2019 Maik Finger