A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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AQUARYOUNS is not a game! AQUARYOUNS is nothing short of an all-encompassing game world!

Every person is different, every person has his own way of living, his own preferences. So it is not a big surprise that there are various diversions among gamers. We have made it our goal to capture these many wishes and to build ONE home for all players.

Regardless of whether you prefer an extensive strategy game, a simple racing game or an entertaining pastime in the subway or on the bus: The AQUARYOUNS universe unites them all and gives the different variants a unified place.

Admittedly, similar products already exist, but different genres were combined in one game. Our approach is completely different: each genre gets its own stage. These will stay true to the genre, no mixture, no chain of inappropriate gameplays.

AQUARYOUNS is even more. It ensures that all games interact in real time. To put it bluntly: While a player is enjoying his racing game, somewhere else, building foundations are visibly being pulled up by another player in another game.

Sounds like a lot - it sure is! So far we have only managed a small part of our ambitious goal. We still have a lot of work tahead of us. This requires endurance and strong partners!