A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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The world is no longer the same. The polar ice has long since melted and the sun is more active than ever before: high-energy clouds of electrically charged particle are thrown into space and cause a sharp rise in temperature. The earth's crust begins to melt, tectonic plates become unstable, break apart and result in mega-tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Considerable shifts cause large land masses to sink.

Centuries before, mankind had failed to populate other planets. Again and again they came across a seemingly unsurpassable limit: the speed of light. The three hundred thousand kilometer-per-second barrier seems to set a fundamental limit to the expansion of advanced civilization and into infinite space.

Bereits Jahrhunderte zuvor ist die Menschheit an dem Versuch gescheitert, andere Planeten zu bevölkern. Immer wieder stießen sie hier auf eine scheinbar unüberwindliche Grenze: die Lichtgeschwindigkeit. Die dreihunderttausend Kilometer-pro-Sekunde-Barriere scheint der Ausbreitung einer fortgeschrittenen Zivilisation ins unendliche Weltall eine grundlegende Grenze zu setzen.

People have to move closer together because only a small part of the earth is above sea level. Countries and government no longer exist. Different cultures have to find a way to live together. But the balance on earth is becoming more unsteady: After several natural disasters, persistent floods, uprisings and armed conflicts, the five most influential rulers make a pact to ensure their existence.

After the plans to leave Earth have failed, people have no choice but to accept what our planet offers them: life under water. And so the circle closes. What once started millions of years ago with a step of primitive way of life on land, now finds closure by highly developed mankind with the step back into the water.

The alliance serves primarily the territorial expansion under water and the common research. The foundation for establishing new civilizations. Since originally uninhabitable desert areas are now representing potential habitats, a large-scale mission is to ensure the future and survival of the human race began.

In this pact, the rulers also decide who the future leaders of civilization will be.

The first pioneer ships are sent into the sea with 500 families. These communities combine different skill sets and abilities, characterized by mutual respect and trust.

Their task is to explore the shallow regions under water and to open up new habitats. This includes ensuring oxygen production with the help of electrolysis, the extraction of raw materials and their processing, the production of food and the construction of quarters.

Although humankind has to start all over again to secure their livelihood, they never lose their spirit to research and evolve.

They begin their settlement with necessary foresight and knowing full well that humanity is capable to live in the deeper regions of the sea in the future. Even though they turn their focus back to Earth, people never lose faith in the possibility to break their confining chains and colonize the stars.

In 2410 AD the submarine “AQUARYOUN” starts its mission and heralds the new era of “AQUARYOUNS”.

While all other pioneers are committed to constructions of domes and will inevitably reach their physical and psychological limits, the AQUARYOUNS family is developing a blueprint system for the first time. It allows them to replicate factories, quarters, farms, mines and power plants directly onto the seabed several times. Initial researches include further development of these blueprints, improve living conditions under water, exploit new resources and build better ships.

In the meantime, floods have progressed massively and covered the entire planet with water. The last people follow the AQUARYOUNS to colonize the bottom of the world ocean.

The dawn of new leaders starts! The pioneers of the AQUARYOUNS family did the foundation and divided the habitable seabed into plateaus and claims. Take up the challenge and find out if you can become a successful member of the AQUARYOUNS dynasty too.