A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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Just like AQUARYOUNS this wiki is currently IN DEVELOPMENT. All information given here is subject to change.
Genau wie AQUARYOUNS befindet sich dieses Wiki derzeit IN ENTWICKLUNG. Alle Angaben sind ohne Gewähr.

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AQUARYOUNS is not only one but multiple games of different genres coming together in ONE BIG UNIVERSE. This universe is located below sea level! Granted there have been a few underwater-games in the recent past, but this one tries to re-create an oldschool gaming experience within this unique setting.

The goal is to have an economy simulation, a strategy game, an adventure game and casual mobile game (or maybe even more) interconnect with each other and share the same data, so that changes made in one game will have an effect on the other games. → Influence Engine

The Games

The first and main game is titled “AQUARYOUNS World”, as it creates the world of AQUARYOUNS. It's going to be a strategy game with a strong emphasis on base building and eco-management. Expand your settlement across the bottom of the ocean.

The second game will be “AQUARYOUNS Arena”. With a MOBA-like concept this is going to be where the real-time-strategy-action of AQUARYOUNS takes place. Challenge your opponents and command epic 1v1- or group-battles to conquer hostile areas.

The third game is called “AQUARYOUNS Trave” and will be an adventure game within the areas built in “AQUARYOUNS World”. You stroll through the streets and pathways between the buildings and resolve quests for NPCs. You might even be able to infiltrate enemy bases and sabotage their economy.

The mobile game goes by the name of “AQUARYOUNS Factories” and will be a tetris-like puzzle game that you can play casually on mobile devices. While you're playing, it will boost the productivity of the departments you built in “AQUARYOUNS World”.