A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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Shipping UI

The shipping UI allows you to transport goods between two buildings. Currently, this can only be done by the → Control Center and the → Warehouse. They offer you the Shipping UI as a separate tab of the → Building UI. You can find additional information on the topic in → Transit/Submarine.

UI elements

Example Name Description
Building information Representation of the building name, the warehouse and the current storage capacity
Guppy load Displays the loadable guppies
Destination selection Here you can select the destination claim.
Transit information After you have selected a destination, you will be shown here how long your transport is going to take.
Transport options With these options you can start your transport or reset all decisions made.

Start Transport

You start a transport in three steps:

Step 1: load the goods

Drag the desired goods from the building information onto a free slot of a guppy. Only as many guppies are dispatched as you have loaded.

Step 2: Choose a destination

Select a building when choosing your destination. The stated transport time depends on the distance to the target building. An explanation of how to calculate the journey time can be found in → Transit UI.

Step 3: Submit

When you have loaded all the goods, just click on “Send”. Your guppies are already on their way. Note that only one guppy, representing all the guppies used, is displayed in the 3D world of AQUARYOUNS World.

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