A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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Upgrade UI

With the Upgrade UI, you have the option to upgrade your building. This is necessary in certain situations in order to build new buildings or to increase production. This improvement is often accompanied by higher consumption. The Upgrade UI can be accessed via the Upgrade icon in the options section of the → Building UI.

The Upgrade UI is divided into three areas:

On the left you can see the values ​​of the current level of your building. On the right you can see the values ​​after the upgrade. Both sides have the same structure as the status bar of the → Building UI.

The middle shows you the changes and the required building materials for the upgrade. Clicking the upgrade button starts the upgrade. The → building is under renovation during this upgrade period, its function is therefore suspended. The required building materials are taken from the → Control Center of the same → claim geholt.

Clicking the Upgrade icon in the options area again closes the Upgrade UI.

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