A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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Transit UI

The Transit UI provides you with all information about ship movements. At the same time, this overview serves as a command interface for your captains. How to get to the Transit UI is explained in → Transit/Submarine.

UI elements

Example Name Description
Plateau representation Displays the current → plateau with all → claims
Own claim Mark for → claim in own possession
Foreign claim Mark for → claim owned by a → fellow player
Free claim Mark for free → claim
Selected claim Mark for selected → claim
Transit information
Transit command
Transit options MWith these options you can start your transit or reset all decisions made. These options are active as soon as a target claim has been selected.
Close UI Closes the interface

Start transit

A ship is shipped to AQUARYOUNS World in three steps.

Step 1: Select destination claim

The start claim is already shown as selected on the plateau. With a click on another claim you select your destination claim. As soon as this is done, the transit information shows you which → ship you are sending and how long it will be on the way.

Step 2: Select command

Your captain needs a transit order. This is carried out on arrival at the destination.

Step 3: Send the ship

With a click on “Send” your ship begins its journey.


The journey time is largely determined by the speed of the selected → ship and the distance between the start and destination → claim. A claim has a certain length unit. The higher the speed of the ship, the faster this ship can cover the unit of length.

In the current ALPHA, a ship always moves from the middle of a claim to the middle of the target claim. So if a ship sails to a neighboring claim, it must travel the length unit of a claim. This unit of length is multiplied if there are further claims between the start and destination.

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