A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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Our “Global Identification, Selection and Movement Object”, or “GISMO” for short, is your main tool in AQUARYOUNS World. Its default position is in the lower right corner of your screen. From there you can drag it back and forth on the screen as you like. Once you've positioned the GISMO over a game element, click or tap on it to open the menu. The options contained there differ, depending on which game element you targeted.

The menu is divided into three levels, which are presented to you as circular navigation bars. The outer level shows a short description of the selected option.

Icon Available Game element Description
→ Plateauview none Switch to → Zoneview
→ Zoneview none Switch to → Worldview
→ Worldview → Zone Switch to → Zoneview with selected Zone
→ Zoneview → Plateau Switch to → Plateauview with selected plateau
→ Zoneview → Plateau Shows hologram of the selected and surrounding plateau (more information can be found in → Zoneview)
→ Zoneview Hologram Back to the strategy table (you can find more information in → Zoneview)
→ Plateauview → Bank Enter the bank
→ Plateauview foreign → Claim Displays the owner's → Player UI
Construction-Icon → Plateauview developed → Claim Allows you to select a building for construction and then switches to construction mode (you can find more information in → Construction)
→ Plateauview own → building Enter the building
→ Plateauview own → Ship Open → Transit UI

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