A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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In the Zoneview you get an overview of the complete zone in which you started or which you entered via → Worldview. The zone information is in front of you on a strategy table.

The section on the strategy table shows you a certain number of → plateau. Your home claim is on the red marked plateau. With the help of the → Mouse (right click + move) you can move the section. With the buttons on the left you can enlarge or reduce the section or jump back to the plateau with your home claim.

If you drag the → GISMO over the strategy table, all plateaus within a radius will be marked. By clicking on the → GISMO and a further click on the entry icon you enter the plateau in the middle of the radius you have marked.

Additionally the → GISMO offers the option of displaying the hologram for these plateaus. However, this has no function in the current version.

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