A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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Just like AQUARYOUNS this wiki is currently IN DEVELOPMENT. All information given here is subject to change.
Genau wie AQUARYOUNS befindet sich dieses Wiki derzeit IN ENTWICKLUNG. Alle Angaben sind ohne Gewähr.

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Claims are the smallest unit of area division. They serve as the basic cell for the construction and management of your → building. Like the → plateaus, claims have a hexagonal shape. As soon as a claim has been developed through the construction of a → Control Center, up to 9 → buildings can be placed on it.

With the help of the → GISMO you can select a claim. In this selected mode, helpful information about the claim is displayed. To construct a → building, you can use the → GISMO to select a building and switch to the contruction grid (see also → Construction).

In the construction grid mode, the claim shows a grid of 19×19 small squares. Using the mouse wheel, you can rotate the → building you have selected and move it on the building grid by moving the mouse (see also → Controls). Right click or use the ESC key to cancel the process. With a left click you place the → building and the construction starts.