A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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Claims are the smallest unit of area division. They serve as the basic cell for the construction and management of your → building. Like the → plateaus, claims have a hexagonal shape. As soon as a claim has been developed through the construction of a → Control Center, up to 9 → buildings can be placed on it.

With the help of the → GISMO you can select a claim. In this selected mode, helpful information about the claim is displayed. To construct a → building, you can use the → GISMO to select a building and switch to the contruction grid (see also → Construction).

In the construction grid mode, the claim shows a grid of 19×19 small squares. The view can be rotated with the keys A and D. Using the mouse wheel or the arrow in the options on the right-hand side, you can rotate the selected → building and move it with your finger or by moving the mouse in the building grid (see also → Controls). You can abort the process with ESC or the cross on the edge of the screen. Place the → building using the tick and the construction starts.