A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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User Interface

The Generic Factory offers the → Building UI as the main interface. In the buildings main area contained therein you will find the following information:

In the middle you will find the slot for the factory type. Here you can drag and drop a → blueprint from the blueprint selection (see → Building UI). Another click confirms the branding of the Generic Factory to the type of your choice.

Then you can use the slot for the production of the factory on the right. Once the branding of the Generic Factory is complete, you can drag in a blueprint of the → product you want to have produced. Another click confirms your choice. The factory then goes into operation.

In the middle you can see the information about the production below the factory type slot. The circle shows you the storage capacities of the factory. Empty storage areas are gray, storage areas with raw materials for production are shown as red and green shows the capacity used by the finished products.

Move your mouse over a filled storage area to see the exact number. To the left and right of the storage area you are shown which raw materials you need and what product is currently being worked on.

If you would like to change the current production from, for example, → Metal to → Glass, simply pull the glass blueprint into the production slot and confirm your choice with another click. But keep in mind: The currently running production will be stopped immediately. The → Raw materials used are lost.