A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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You cannot be successful in AQUARYOUNS World without buildings. They provide raw materials or products for your civilization or ensure the general organization of economical processes.

Buildings can only be built on → Claims. Which goods you need to construct a new building is shown in the construction grid mode (see → Claims) or you can read it on the following pages. Each building also consumes one or more building spaces in a → Claim. Before you can build on a → Claim, it must be developed by a → Control Center (see → Territory expansion). In the following tech tree you can see that the → Upgrade of the → Control Center unlocks other buildings for construction on the claim.


In addition to the level of the control center, the completion of certain buildings also determines the activation of additional buildings. These so-called key buildings must be built once by the respective player in order to be activated.

Status of a Building

The buildings can have different states. These statuses are displayed above the respective building using an icon.

Symbol (Icon) Name Description
Disabled The building has been deactivated by the player. The function stands still.
Full Storage The building's storage is full. The further production was stopped until sufficient storage space is available again. Ensure that the responsible → Control Center works and that it has storage space for storing the factory products.
No Power Not enough → Electricity is available for the building. Make sure that enough → Electricity is available.
No Workforce The building needs → Workers. Use the → Quarter to ensure that there are enough → Humans available.
Not enough Raw Materials The building does not have enough → Raw materials to start production. Make sure that there are enough raw materials in the → Control Center to supply the factory.

Building Types

The buildings are categorized into different types. You'll find these types in the construction menu of our → GISMO.

Symbol (Icon) Type Associated Buildings
Control Center → Control Center
→ Bank
Power Plants & Factories → Hydroelectric Powerunit
→ Geothermal Powerunit
→ Generic Factory
Mines → Quartz Mine
→ Iron Ore Mine
Food → Seaweed Farm
→ Fish Farm
Civil → Quarter
→ Obelisk
Waste Collector
Economy → Warehouse
Stock Exchange
Foreign Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Alliance Agency
Alliance Headquarters
Military → Yard