A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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Ingame-Shop & Items

Our philosophy: everyone should be able to play AQUARYOUNS World - regardless of their wallet - and our desire to still be able to care for our families inevitably leads to the following question:

How does it work if AQUARYOUNS World is free?

Here we rely on you and our → community. If we can inspire you all with our idea, we will be able to win enough supporters for our cause.

In addition to the opportunity to send us a → donation or to shop in our → merch shop, we offer special items in our in-game shop. Items can be special packages with game elements, special textures for buildings and ships or simply decorative objects. You can use all of these items in the game immediately after the → purchase.

There is currently a limited amount of items available in the in-game shop. However, we are constantly enlarging the product range.