A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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The goal

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AQUARYOUNS World AQUARYOUNS World challenges your EcoSim experience!

You start as an AQUARYOUN and lead humanity to fame and glory.

Peaceful settler can focus on building their civilization to grow and prosper. If you want to compete with others, you can take on up to five → players on the → plateau. Wether with friends or alone you take the first steps in the AQUARYOUNS universe. Discover your origin plateau, observe how your → people develop and explore how you can ensure that your AQUARYOUNS settlement grows at the bottom of the sea.

Through intelligent economy and the development of efficient → business processes, you can ensure the rapid → development of further → claims and thus take over entire undersea areas to dominate your origin plateau.

As it should be for a real MMO, AQUARYOUNS World is an endless game. No final goal ends in sight. You alone decide through your strategic skill how long your civilization will last in AQUARYOUNS World. Make sure that legends and myths will be told about you and your destiny as an AQUARYOUN.

Consider this: Even if you close AQUARYOUNS World and persue your daily life, time idoesn't stop in AQUARYOUNS World. There is no pause and there is no way to save your score locally.

So stay true to your civilization and be available as an AQUARYOUN at any time.

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