A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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The overall complex economy in AQUARYOUNS World is currently focused around the construction industry and the provision of electricity and labor.

Electricity & labor

Supply view of a power plant

Almost every building that you place on your claims requires → electricity to function. Knowing how much electricity you have available and how much of it is already being used is very important. Information on the budget and consumption can be found in the electricity-producing buildings such as the → hydropower plant.

Supply view of a neighborhood

With the greater complexity of a building, the use of → workers are necessary. These are provided by → Quartier, which in turn needs → food for construction.

Status of a warehouse

If a building lacks electricity or labor, it cannot perform properly. This means that certain processes stand still. This is signaled to you by a suitable icon above the building. All icons are explained in the → Building area.

As a first step towards building a functioning economy, you should first build a power plant.

Construction industry

Paused Quarter

In order to produce the → products → metal and → glass necessary for → construction, permanent replenishment of the → raw materials → quartz and → iron ore must be ensured. Build a → quartz mine and an → iron ore mine. Like all production buildings, you have to take the mines out of their pause after the successful construction to ensure replenishment.

In order to manufacture metal and glass from ore and quartz, you need another building: the → smelter. This can only be achieved by conversion the → Generic Factory also known as “Branding”.

Change the type of your generic factory with a blueprint.

To do this, you must first build a generic factory using the → GISMOs. Once completed, you enter the Generic Factory and pull the → blueprint “melt” into the middle blueprint slot. Clicking this slot again confirms the conversion, which sets the branding in motion.

The preferred product you want to melt can be changed via blueprint.

Then you have to decide which → product the melt should produce. To do this, either pull the metal or glass blueprint into the right blueprint slot. Clicking this slot again confirms the order and production starts. You can change production at any time by dragging another → blueprint into the right slot. Confirming it again with a click.

To be efficient, you should not place → buildings that work closely together across → claims. Keep the → transport routes of the goods short. Each factory obtains its → raw materials from the → Control center on the same claim. To do this, the → Control center sends out a → Guppy at regular intervals. This automatic transport of goods supplies the building with the required → raw materials. This can take some time. If a filled slot is present in the → warehouse of the building, the produced goods are taken back to the control center at the same time.

As your civilization grows and thrives, you should build → warehouses to relieve the burden on transport routes and to be able to bridge larger distances more easily.

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