A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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Regardless of whether you want to bring goods from one place to another or develope a new → claim: Without → ship movement aka transit, nothing works in AQUARYOUNS World.

Shipping UI of a warehouse

These are divided into two large groups: the small transport ships, the → Guppys, and the larger units such as your → pioneer ship. The Guppys can only be used to ship goods between two → control centers or → Warehouses. You can see how many Guppys you have in the respective control center's or warehouse's status bar of the → Building UI. The number may vary depending on the level.

To ship goods, you have to open the → Shipping UI by clicking on the “Shipping” tab. Then you can pull goods from the warehouse of the building into the Guppys, choose a destination and start the transport. Only the filled Guppys will be sent.

Range in the status bar

Note that the buildings have different ranges. A → control center can only send goods to neighboring → claims. Transports from the → Warehouse can take place across the entire → plateau. This requires the target building to be connected to the source building via neighboring claims.

Transit icon in GISMO

In order for your → pioneer ship to engage, you must give the captain a target and an order. Drag the → GISMO over the pioneer ship. Followed by a left click to show you the option to open the → Transit UI. There you have the opportunity to set a goal for your captain. TChoose a suitable command and send your ship on a journey.

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