A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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Start of the game

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You will dive head first into the world of You will dive head first into the world of AQUARYOUNS after logging in. This is your first time? The → message system appears with the welcome message open on the → announcement screen. Clicking on the “X” at the bottom of this screen shows you your → start claims with your first → buildings and your → pioneer ship.

To begin with you possess four → claims. Your “home claim”, has already been accessed up with a → control center. Next to it is the → bank, where you will find the → Ingame Shop with special → items for individualizing your civilization. The remaining three claims are still undeveloped, i.e. No → buildings can yet be built on these claims.

Your →→ pioneer ship circles around your home claim. It is already loaded for your immidiate → expansion of the area with the aid of → under-seafaring. But consider: Before you conquer a distant and neutral claim for yourself, it would be advisable to make use of the claims that you already access to → build first. It is easier to build an efficient → economy in a compact area,

A look into the warehouse of the control center shows that the pioneers in AQUARYOUNS have already equipped you with an initial stock of → raw materials and → products. This also includes goods that are required for → set up buildings. But every supply will run dry after time. It is advisable to build a functioning → construction industry first.

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