A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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Storage management

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In addition to building an efficient → Economy, the management of your inventory is equally important. Each of your → buildings and → ships contain a warehouse. You can accessit using the warehouse icon (see → Building UI).

Three storage slots

The number of stocks in the warehouse - the slots - is determined by the building level or the complexity of the ship.

A slot can currently hold a maximum of 50 units of → goods. However, it's possible for certain goods take up more space due to their larger volume and therefore require more than one unit in the slot.

Goods can be moved using drag'n'drop.

If you want to move goods within the warehouse, click on a slot with the goods you want, drag them over to anopther slot. It is irrelevant whether the other slot is empty or filled. The goods in the filled slot move automatically into the first slot that has become free (keyword “slot swap”). Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to extract individual units of a product from a slot or to split the content (“slot split”). This function will come in one of the next versions.

The → control centers provide you with a limited stock for the → claim. Here you can park smaller quantities of goods on the way to the next production building. The → warehouse offers you much more storage space and thus serves as a long-term storage space.

Status and in-game view of a control center with a full storage

→ Buildings producting goods, store them first in their own storage. The → control center sends out a → guppy at regular intervals to collect these goods. If a full slot with goods is available in the building, the so-called automatic goods transport takes these goods to the control center. If the control center does not have enough storage space, the goods must initially remain in their own storage.

If their own storage is fully occupied, the building stops his production line. This is signaled by a certain symbol above the building in question. If you see such a symbol above one of your buildings, you should react immediately and make room! Either you bring goods to another → control center through a → transit or you build a → warehouse.

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