A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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Territory expansion

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The → pioneer ship plays an extremely important role in AQUARYOUNS World. It gives you the opportunity to extend your influence to other areas. To do this, you must let your pioneer ship → cruise around with the command “claim”.

Home claim

So that your → pioneer ship can conquer new → claims, it must be loaded with sufficient → products. These can only be loaded in your home claim. You will be shown this after selecting the claim.

Pioneer ship information

Send your pioneer ship to your home claim with the “Charge” command. If there are enough → products available to build a → control center in the → Warenhouse or → control center, your workers will start loading. A confirmation will appear after clicking on the → pioneer ship whether a claim can be seized.

At the beginning of your AQUARYOUNS career, you already posess a loaded pioneer ship. So you can start right away and open up a second claim for the construction of further buildings. However, note the range mentioned in → Transit/Submarine for the distribution of goods. Remote new areas may not be supplied sufficiently and would be easy prey for other players. In addition, it is easier for your pioneers to build a → Control Center on a claim that you already own.

If there are no more free claims available, your area may only be expanded by → combating another player. Read there to find out exactly how to start a fight and which requirements must be met.

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