A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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First, the foundations for an → economic cycle must be created. So to say, → buildings are required.

These can only be placed on accessed → claims. You can find out how this works in → Area expansion. To set up a new building, simply pull the → GISMO onto a claim. After clicking on the GISMO and the construction icon on the first GISMO level. It displays various building types that you are currently able to build. Another click on a building type shows which buildings are available for this type.

A click on the respective building icon activates the building grid on the claim. A building site can be selected on the claim by dragging the building with your finger or moving the mouse with the mouse button pressed. With the help of the options at the edge of the screen, the construction can be confirmed or cancelled and the building can be rotated with the button in the middle or the mousewheel. When using the desktop client you can also rotate the view with A and D. The ESC key deactivates the building grid and cancels the building selection.

You can build up to 9 buildings on each claim. This depends on the size of the buildings you have selected. See the → building to find out how much construction space your building needs.

How many building slots you have available on the claim will be displayed as soon as you drag the → GISMO over the space you have selected. If there is no free space left, the construction menu within the GISMO does not display any structure icons. If → buildings are shown that do not consume any construction space on the claim, they will continue to be offered.

In order to be able to set up a building on a full claim dispite the missing space, it is necessary to remove an existing building from the claim. You have two options: dismantling or demolition. To choose one of those two options, you must open the → Dismantling UI via the dismantling icon (see → Building UI). Both options lead to the same result, but differ in process and result. The dismantling takes some time. In return, you will receive part of the raw materials used in the construction back in the → control Center. Demolition takes place immediately, but without the recovery of the raw materials used.

There is a build order in AQUARYOUNS World. The decisive factor here is whether the required buildings have already been built on the same claim and / or on a different claim. The stage of development is very important. “Level” of the → control Center. How this can be brought to a higher level is described in the section → upgrades. You can find a general overview of all dependencies in the Techtree at → buildings.

Each construction of a building uses numerous different → products - → metal and → glass are necessary for all buildings. These are fetched and used from the → control Center when the construction order is placed. The available and required product quantities are shown when activating the building grid.

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