A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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First start

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Welcome screen

After starting AQUARYOUNS World for the first time, it is necessary to create your own AQUARYOUNS account.

The offered option “Registration” on the welcome screen will let you set up said account.


For a complete AQUARYOUNS account, we need the following information from you:

Registration screen

Important: You have to confirm your email address. This is necessary for us to have the opportunity to reach you outside of the AQUARYOUNS universe in the event of problems (for example password loss). To confirm your email address, you will receive a welcome email after successful registration. The confirmation link contained therein leads you to our and at the same time confirms your account. You can then log into AQUARYOUNS World using our login screen. It may happen that our emails do not arrive in your normal mailbox since it is a reoccuring challenge to deal with emails in a way so that they are not recognized as spam. We therefore recommend that you also check the spam folder. You can find more information in the area → Help & Support.

We guarantee that your information is only sent to our server once in encrypted form. Your password in particular is secured with a one-way encryption process before being sent to our server. It is therefore not possible for us or third parties to see your password in plain text and to forward it to you in the event of loss. So keep your password secure. If lost, there is only the option to assign a new password. To do this, the email address you have provided must be confirmed and available.


Login screen

To log into AQUARYOUNS World, simply enter your login information and password in our login form and confirm your input.

Int he event you lost your password, you will receive an email with further information to your email address via the “Forgot your password” option.


In the settings of AQUARYOUNS World , certain properties can be defined throughout the game. After installing the game for the first time, these properties are set to an initial value. This can be changed as desired. But be careful: certain settings may require a lot of performance from your hardware.

Property changes must be confirmed by pressing the check mark in the lower UI area. The current perspective can then be reloaded. ESC or the pressing the cross in the lower UI area causes all corrections to be rejected.

The following options are currently available:


General options can be found on this tab.
  • Language : All currently supported languages ​​can be selected here.
  • FPS : This shows the FPS indicator in the upper right area of ​​the screen.
  • Full screen : This changes the appearance of the game. Here you can choose between full screen, window mode or borderless.


Here you can find all available graphics settings.
  • Quality : Different quality profiles can be selected here. These profiles partially change the properties below and are intended to provide a better understanding of the graphics settings.
  • Resolution : Supported pixel resolutions of the display
  • Anti Aliasing : Should anti-aliasing be used?
  • Anisotropic Textures : Should a sharpness / blur filter be used?
  • VSync : Possible modes for vertical synchronization.
  • Blend Weights : A higher value improves the quality of the representations.
  • Shadows : How intensively should the quality of the shadows be calculated?
  • Brightness : How strong should the brightness be?


Here you can find all available audio settings.
  • Master Audio : The overall volume can be set here.

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