A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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Here you will find all previous ideas from the community. Become a supporter of an idea and send us a CIS request with the idea number.

Number Idea Description Dev Notes
#1 Mobile Client Make AQUARYOUNS World playable for mobile devices • in progress •
see → mobile challenge
#2 Tutorial An ingame tutorial at the beginning • planned •
#3 Tooltips More additional informations when hovering over buttons, icons or numbers • open •
#4 Trade Routes Be able to define trading routes or at least be able to chain shipping commands, so resources can continually be transferred from one location to another. • open •
#5 Prioritize distribution of power and humans Currently there's no control over which departments power and humans go to. • planned •
#6 Renaming game elements Add feature to name buildings, ships, claims with own names. • in progress •
#7 Dynamic Commands The commands on transit should be dynamic depends on requirements. • in progress •
#8 Seaweed farm in Tech-Tree LVL 1 Seaweed farm should be buildable in the tech tree lvl 1 • open •
#9 Infos above buildings Short informations about the buildings when hovering them with the gismo. • planned •
#10 Fast loading Guppys There should be a faster way to load resources into Guppys. Maybe a double click could put them into first open Guppy slot. • done •
#11 Downgrade Buildings If a player has run into a dead end upgrading his buildings to require more humans etc., he might not be able to dismantle/demolish and rebuild. So maybe downgrading could be an option. • open •