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The Feedback System is currently available. With the help of the Feedback System, you are able to tell us what you like, want to improve or change. It also serves as an opportunity to easily send errors directly to our support team.

Submitted ideas, after having been verified by us, will be published on the β†’ Wishlist to search for supporters.

Simply click on the respective icon in the β†’ HUD and the user interface (UI) opens.

Feedback Icon

User Interface

The UI gives you the option of storing a title and a detailed description of the idea or error. The top right shows you how many requests you have already sent. By clicking on this number you can display these requests. In the lower area of ​​the UI you will find the screenshot that was created automatically when the user interface was opened. Clicking on the pen next to the screenshot opens the tag editor:


In this tag editor you can place various markers on the screenshot. Simply use the left mouse button to mark a point in the screenshot and a tag will be created. On the right you have the opportunity to write a short description or comment.