A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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AQUARYOUNS World is our debut title and first game release of the big AQUARYOUNS universe.

AQUARYOUNS World is a 3D massive multiplayer online real-time strategy and EcoSim game and focuses on economy. AQUARYOUNS World challenges your EcoSim experience! With the help of your friends and through intelligent economy or simple military conquest, you can take over entire submarine areas. Make trade deals and explore the mystical depths of the ocean!

Early Access – Work In Progress

Please keep in mind that AQUARYOUNS World is a Work In Progress or also called an Early Access game. This means that you can play the game while it is still in development. So a lot of features aren't finished or not even implemented yet. Have a look at our roadmap to see which features are planned for the future.

You will also find a lot of bugs and errors in the game. As we are quite a small independent studio we don't have a lot of capacities for testing, so we need you, the player and the community, to help us with the development of the game. While playing you can support us by giving us feedback through the CIS/BRS directly from within the game.