A Pioneer's Guide To The AQUARYOUNS Universe

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Just like AQUARYOUNS this wiki is currently IN DEVELOPMENT. All information given here is subject to change.
Genau wie AQUARYOUNS befindet sich dieses Wiki derzeit IN ENTWICKLUNG. Alle Angaben sind ohne Gewähr.


AQUARYOUNS World is the heart and soul of the AQUARYOUNS Universe. It's the first and main game every Pioneer will have to play to build his settlement and gather resources. As most of the globe is covered in water every player will have to prevail his very own corner of the ocean bed.

Game Concept

The whole ocean is made up of an infinite amount of plateaus, which are shaped like hexagons and can be settled by the AQUARYOUNS. Every plateau is composed of 61 claims, which can be conquered and built on. Every player starts out with four claims in one corner of a random plateau. From there he will have to expand his empire by producing wares from resources, building departments and conquering further claims.

Goal of the game

The final game is supposed to be endless. But for now during the different phases of development there will be different conditions to winning and thus ending the game. During the Pre-Alpha the game will end as soon as the whole plateau is filled, meaning every neutral claim is either occupied by you or an opponent.