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Crowdfunding on Indiegogo!

Ahoy Submarine-Pioneer,

Since our last status update from the bottom of the ocean, we have been able to successfully advance the exploration of further plateaus. We know you can hardly wait to finally get going.

Therefore Engineer Ian and his whole team went into overdrive and have already constructed first types of ships. These will enable your civilization to settle on the discovered plateaus:


Constructing these ships has cost a lot of resources. That's why we need your support.

As advertised our crowdfunding campaign starts

March 15th at 6 pm CET.

Every willing Submarine-Pioneer will then be able to become a part of the official AQUARYOUNS-Support-Group.

To Crowdfunding

You want to support us outside of Indiegogo?
No problem: You can also pledge with PayPal. You'll find the corresponding link on the aforementioned campaign website after the campaign has started.

Get rewards for the start of your game!


For the mako sharks among you we prepared some exclusive EARLY SHARK REWARDS.

You'll be able to get those exclusively in the first 48 hours of the campaign additionally to the regular rewards of your pledge-level!


You already supported us with a donation? Very good! Every pioneer, who supported us using the donation-button on our website or in the newsletter, will automatically receive the reward for the appropriate pledge-level.

Only as a swarm herrings are strong!
Ask your friends and acquaintances if they want to be a flat flounder or an EARLY SHARK!
Everyone who wants to be part of the AQUARYOUNS community is more than welcome.

We here at the bottom of the sea are counting on you and your help!



Stay tuned!

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