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Land ahoy!

Ahoy Submarine-Pioneer,

Everyone here at the AQUARYOUNS-Headquarters hopes that you had a good dive into the new year.

Our vanguard at the bottom of the sea is working at full stretch to explore the first plateaus for your settlement. We intensified work on the first command terminal, so that your experience of the AQUARYOUNS-Universum can begin and the upcoming commands from your AQUARYOUN will be executed correctly.

“Despite most intense efforts, the current state of the terminal still doesn't meet our expectations.”
- Engineer Ian


“We also have the results of last years poll with the AQUARYOUNS-Community present. The majority of the submariners-to-be wishes to be able to support the work on AQUARYOUNS directly on Steam.”
- Scientist Sarah

“That will only be possible once AQUARYOUNS World meets our expectations.”
- Engineer Ian


“Our greatest goal is to make the exciting vision of the legendary AQUARYOUNS-Universe available to all prospective seafarers.

It must not be, that the size of anyones Quron-wallet* decides if he or she can dive in or has to stay on land. AQUARYOUNS is not a sealed off underwater-area on our mother earth. Everyone, whether big or small, should be able to experience AQUARYOUNS.”
- Captain Kai


* Qurons are our Ingame-Currency.


The AQUARYOUNS-Headquarters
need your support!

Help us, together with 15.000 other members,
make the vision of AQUARYOUNS come true!

For the preparations of the sea-territory to continue, we integrated the ability for you to donate on


With it you can directly support the further development of AQUARYOUNS.

But please be aware that legally this is a financial contribution without any guaranteed consideration. Furthermore it is not a donation for the funding of any tax-privileged matters, like charitable, benevolent or church-related purposes.

Rather you'll help us make our vision of a free gaming experience in the AQUARYOUNS-universe come true.

Together with Ian, Sarah and Kai we'll launch a second crowdfunding-campaign in March to finance the first Alpha-version on Steam.

If you and the rest of the AQUARYOUNS-Community use these support-ways and enable us to continue the development on AQUARYOUNS, we might even be able to provide free access to the first Alpha of AQUARYOUNS World.



Stay tuned!

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