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Ambitious vision


Different games, different genres - one universe!

AQUARYOUNS is not a game.
AQUARYOUNS is an all-encompassing game world, the quality of which can only be fully developed through various AQUARYOUNS games of various genres.

All AQUARYOUNS games not only share the same timeline, but interact with each other in real time in the same universe.

Every action in one of the individual games influences the other games - immediately, directly and always!

Now available in early access

AQUARYOUNS World demands your eco-sim skills

Alpha Version Work in progress

Our vision of a 3D underwater sci-fi real-time strategy online eco-sim game is online!

Lead a human civilization to glory as AQUARYOUN. Build extensive economic cycles, conquer new areas, explore the underwater world of AQUARYOUNS with your pioneer ship.

Establish diplomatic relationships or watch your opponents' movements in real time on the holo table of your control center. Prove your skills and start your career as an AQUARYOUN today!

Generic research and factories

Invent unknown products

Build laboratories and combine raw materials and products with the help of generic RETIS research to discover unknown elements. Are you the first of the new raw materials discovered? Then name them and let yourself be celebrated as an explorer in the AQUARYOUNS universe!

Install generic factories and change production in one easy step! So move your ship production to the front for quick reinforcement!

Modular shipbuilding

A ship for every AQUARYOUN!

Arm your ships according to your taste! Reinforce the armor, use stronger engines.

The ships in AQUARYOUNS World differ in their defensive and offensive characteristics depending on your desired composition. Configure your ships individually down to the smallest detail. Create blueprints so your shipyards can mass produce your ship type.

Modern controls


AQUARYOUNS World avoids overloaded option bars with a minimalist HUD interface. Nothing disturbs the view of your civilization and the surrounding underwater world.

The GISMO, our Global Identification, Selection & Moving Object, offers single-button navigation throughout the game. No matter where you drag it, it will always offer you a maximum of suitable options.

Playable on all common operating systems

Play AQUARYOUNS on your gaming PC regardless of the operating system and use different devices as additional displays.

Currently available for:

  • Desktop: Windows (STEAM)
  • Desktop: MacOS (STEAM)
  • Desktop: Linux (STEAM)
  • Mobile: Android (Google Play)

For all those for whom all this is not enough: game clients for common consoles and a mobile version are planned.

All of this and much more will be possible!

Development status and roadmap

ALPHA - And what's next?

Of course, we are not satisfied with what we have achieved so far. We deliver updates and new features every two weeks. So that you don't miss anything, we document every change in our changelog.

Port, shipyard, stock exchange, new ships, combat system, trading system, alliance system and and and ... We still have a lot to do!

Stay tuned for what's to come!

Support the developers

Does AQUARYOUNS World make you want more?
Then become a supporter!

All of our AQUARYOUNS games are said to be FREE2PLAY.
Nevertheless, we cannot do without a budget either.

Get cool in-game stuff in the AQUARYOUNS World in-game shop or leave a donation.

Or simply rate us on STEAM or in the Google Play Store or give us feedback via our in-game feedback system.

Made in Neubrandenburg/Germany/Europe
Made in Neubrandenburg/Germany/Europe