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What is

Multiple games, multiple genres - one universe!

Aquaryouns isn't a game.
It's a universe.
Our universe.

Aquaryouns encompasses several games of different genres sharing the same universe data!

That means that every action in one game will affect the other games - instantly and forever!

Aquaryouns World is the title of only the first of several online games in the Aquaryouns science-fiction setting:
Right after the real-time strategy and business simulation is released, we'll start working on the next game - Aquaryouns Arena.

Join our (social) universe!

What is

Discover the Titanic on the bottom of the sea!

Underwater Sci-Fi MMORTS

Aquaryouns World is a free-2-play 3D massive multiplayer online real-time strategy and business simulation game.

In the distant future, when climate change, tectonic activity and human experiments have caused the sea level to rise beyond all expectations and continents on earth have ceased to exit ...

... humanity has learned to live underwater, in the shallow regions of the one global ocean.

You can be part of it!

Beautiful 3D scenery in the MMORTS Aquaryouns World

Beautiful 3D scenery

The underwater world on planet Earth is divided into different Zones with different environmental conditions, such as average temparature, current, algae growth, ...

In each zone, humanity has marked hexagonal Plateaus for colonization by different factions of pioneers.

Neighbouring Plateaus are grouped in Clusters, and each Plateau is subdivided into 61 hexagonal Claims, which serve as basic cells for department construction and administration.

Screenshot of our minimalistic HUD and the GISMO

Minimalistic HUD and our GISMO

Aquaryouns World comes with a minimalistic HUD interface, so that nothing will stop you from getting lost in its underwater world.

Our Global Identification, Selection & Moving Object, short "Gismo", is a single button that presents you with an arc-shaped context menu. The possible options vary with the selected elements (department, unit, terrain, …).

Overview over some of the departments of Aquaryouns

Over 21 different Departments

Your submarine construction workers won't ever have a day off with all those different mines and yards and quarters and banks and factories and farms and harbors that are waiting to be built!

Install Generic Factories and then later change the type of the factory with one simple move (e.g. from processing metal to building ships):
Switch the underlying Blueprint!

Interior view of a department

Enterable buildings and vessels

All 3D models like ships or departments in the Aquaryouns universe are enterable:

Walk right into your Control Center in Aquaryouns World and manage yor diplomatic network or observe the army movements of your allies on a state-of-the-art holo table - in real time!

Here, the entire Zone lays out before you! Go ahead and make something out of it!

More than 6 different classes of ships...

... are waiting for you in Aquaryouns!

Each class differs in defensive and offensive qualities - you wouldn't expect less in a genuine real-time strategy game.

Furthermore, you can configure individual ships and upgrade them with special shields, drives or weapon systems.

RETIS Forschung

Generic RETIS research

Beside the usual skill-tree research that allows you to improve your departments and marine troops, Aquaryouns' generic R.E.T.I.S program is a whole new dimension to conduct research:

Build labs and combine basic resources to discover unknown raw materials. You can name any new resource that you were first to discover!

Free-2-Play without Pay-2-Win

We believe that everybody should be able to play without having to pay!

We think it's a real pity that the free-2-play genre has developed the way it has: More and more free-2-play games ultimately require players to spend huge amounts of money in order to be able to compete (get better weapons, etc)!

We wish to help restore the reputation of the free-2-play feature by presenting you a guaranteed Not-Pay-2-Win game!

Not a single buy-able item will give you any advantage in the competitive aspects of the strategy game.

Instead, Aquaryouns' in-game-purchases will allow you to individualize the appearance of your avatar and civilization: Custom colors, textures for your departments, non-standard naming, your own logo on your Claim, modifications to the 3D models, … let your imagination run wild!

Soon: Play on any device!

You will be able to play Aquaryouns anytime, anywhere. Simply open in your browser, desktop or mobile, and dive under!

Or download our free apps from Google Play or the Apple App Store, which provide you with the best game performance and a high resolution game-play on your mobile device!

What is


Battle planning in the MOBA game Aquaryouns Arena

Aquaryouns Arena is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game, featuring 1-vs-1 and Group-vs-Group battles. A single Plateau serves as the arena for epic and action-packed battles that determine the outcome of the wars in Aquaryouns World.


Play a brief Aquaryouns Factories game on your phone

Aquaryouns Factories is a tetris-like / casual / arcade game for your 5-minutes-waiting-for-the-bus or the 15 minutes before you reallyturn off the PC and go to bed. Each game directly impacts the productivity of a factory in Aquaryouns World.

Compare your scores in local, regional and global leaderboards and become the best factory manager on earth!


Adventures in Aquaryouns Trave

Aquaryouns Trave is an exciting point-and-click adventure, set in the Aquaryouns underwater stage. Visit your own Claim from Aquaryouns World or travel the entire ocean!

Take on quests, gather items, and find out why Earth looks the way it does in the Aquaryouns game world!

Who are we?

  • WE are eight Game Geeks, who want nothing less than to break the current rules of the known gaming world.
  • WE are the first independent Gamestudio in the “City of Four Gates” Neubrandenburg, Germany, founded on 1 July 2017.
  • WE are a team of veteran developers for PC, tablet and mobile in JAVA and Unity.
  • WE were gathered by Tommy Müller, founder of DJAMACAT GmbH and creator of the original idea behind the Aquaryouns game setting.
  • WE combine over 20 years development experience with an extensive gaming practice.